IFLA/LPD Symposium: Guidelines 2.0 for public libraries and persons with print disabilitiesの資料が公開

2018年2月にブリュッセルで開催されたIFLAのLibraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Section(IFLA/LPD)主催の以下のシンポジウムの発表資料が公開されています。

  1. Saskia Boets (Luisterpuntbibliotheek, Flanders) – Introduction
  2. Kristina Passad (MTM, Sweden) – MTM and sign language literature
  3. Richard Orme (Daisy Consortium, UK) – Textbooks for all: The promise of accessible digital books for learners with disabilities
  4. Liesbeth Vercammen (Zorgbib, Flanders) – A book and a visit – also for people with dementia
  5. Stijn Callewaert (Brussels Public Library Network) – Public libraries and newcomers
  6. Kirsi Ylänne (Celia, Finland) – Accessibility Guidelines for Public Libraries in Finland
  7. Alejandro Moledo (European Disability Forum) – European Accessibility Act
  8. Anthea Taylor (Vision Australia) – Getting started: Implementing the Marrakesh Treaty for persons with print
  9. disabilities: A practical guide for librarians
  10. Kirsi Ylänne (Celia, Finland & LPD Chair) – News from LPD
  11. Geert Ruebens (Luisterpuntbibliotheek, Flanders) – 2008 – 2018: 10 years Luisterpunt