Mapping table for accessibility metadata between (EPUB Accessibility 1.0), ONIX , MARC21 and BIBFRAME

I have created a mapping table [draft version] for accessibility metadata between ( EPUB Accessibility 1.0 ), ONIX for Books 3.0, MARC21 and BIBFRAME (Bibliographic Framework Initiative).

In creating the mapping table, the following was referred to. But not all of them.

You can also see Japanese versions of this mapping table at another entry.

アクセシビリティメタデータマッピング表( <EPUB Accessibility 1.0 >⇔ ONIX3.0 ⇔ MARC21⇔ BIBFRAME) (EPUB Accessibility 1.0 )、ONIX for Books 3.0MARC21BIBFRAME (Bibliographic Framework Initiative)で規定されるアクセシビリティに関するメタデータ(アクセシビリティメタデータ)のマッピング表の作成を試みましたので、公開します。あくまで kzakza案です。



EPUB Accessibility 1.0



You see English versions of the mapping table at another entry.