W3C Annotation Working Groupの憲章案がW3Cの諮問委員会のレビューの段階に。早ければに9月にWG発足

この件、わりと細かく追っていますが、2月のエントリで紹介したW3C Annotation Working Groupの憲章案がW3Cの諮問委員会(Advisory Committee)のレビューの段階に入ったようです。このままうまく進めば9月にW3C Annotation Working Group立ち上げとなるようです。


  1. Abstract Data Model: An abstract data model for annotations
  2. Vocabulary: A precise vocabulary describing/defining the data model
  3. Serializations: one or more serialization formats of the abstract data model, such as JSON/JSON-LD or HTML
  4. HTTP API: An API specification to create, edit, access, search, manage, and otherwise manipulate annotations through HTTP
  5. Client-side API: A script interface and events to ease the creation of annotation systems in a browser, a reading system, or a JavaScript plugin

※2014/97/16 追記


  • Annotation Abstract Data Model. W3C Recommendation.
  • Vocabulary for the Annotation Abstract Data Model. W3C Recommendation.
  • Serializations of the Annotation Abstract Data Model. W3C Recommendation.
  • HTTP API for Annotations. W3C Recommendation.
  • Client-Side API for Annotations.W3C Recommendation.
  • Robust Link Anchoring. W3C Recommendation.

Ivan Herman氏がこの4月に行われたI Annotate 2014でW3C Annotation Working Groupの今後について紹介しています。

W3C Annotation Working Group and Charter Progress ~ Ivan Herman @ I Annotate 2014


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